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[REL] Matplotlib v3.0.1 and v3.0.2


Happy to announce the second bug-fix release for the Matplotlib 3.0 series.  

REL: v3.0.2

This is the second bug-fix release for the v3.0 series.

 - Un-breaks basemap which was broken by partially restoring
   private APIs for cartopy.
 - Fixes bug in warning code when used in an embedded context.
 - Fixes crash when using Tk and closing the first open window before showing it
 - Many documentation improvements.
 - Restore a corner case on ColorBar tick usage.
 - Change the default behavior of `matplotlib.use` to silently allow
   more 'safe' switching after auto-discovery, but before starting an event loop.
 - Improvements to bounding box calculations.
 - Provide the correct length for RcParams instances.

Wheels and packages on the conda-forge are available and the docs should be available (modulo caching issues).

Thank you to everyone who worked on this!


Thomas Caswell
[hidden email]

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