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[Matplotlib-devel] tests+baseline images no longer installed by default

Folks (particularly down-stream packagers),

As of https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/pull/7757 (which is currently on master and I am in the process of backporting for 2.0) the test images are not installed by default.  We already are stripping the test images from the official wheels and conda-forge packages.  This change greatly reduces the resultant file size :

23:41 $ python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
23:41 $ du -hs dist/* 
11M     dist/matplotlib-2.0.0rc2+60.ge83e108ef-cp36-cp36m-linux_x86_64.whl
51M     dist/matplotlib-2.0.0rc2+60.ge83e108ef.tar.gz

To restore installing the tests and images have a `setup.cfg` with

tests = True
toolkit_tests = True

in the source directory at build / install time.

A consequence of this change is that by default `pip install ./` or `setup.py install` will not install the tests (and hence `python run_tests.py` will not work).  We suggest using `pip install -v -e ./` or using a `setup.cfg` file.


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