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[Matplotlib-devel] Planned update to backport bot.

Hi all, 

I'm planning an update in the next couple of days/weeks on the bot responsible for backport.

If all goes fine nothing should change at all, there is no action needed from your part. I'm just giving you a heads up that _if_ things go sideways, of backport start to fail it's my fault and you can send complain my way.

Longer version: 

Matplotlib use a GitHub integration[1] to automatically backport given PRs.
The bot was primary designed for IPython/Jupyter but matplotlib is making heavy use of it. 
The bot is open you can register your own project if you like, it is hosted on my heroku account and backport about 10 PRs / week. 

One of the limitation of GitHub integrations was requiring push permission to target repository for backports. This had several disadvantages.

I've implemented a workaround that does not requires push permission, and will slowly migrate the bot to use the new mechanism, and once everyone is migrated, I remove the request for push permission.

I'm sure the new code has bugs, so if you see any problem, feel free to let me know. See [2] for more informations and discussions.

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