[Matplotlib-devel] Phone call notes 2017-08-14

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[Matplotlib-devel] Phone call notes 2017-08-14


My self, Eric Firing, Paul Hobson, Ryan May

 * notebook stuff
   - #9027 reverts back to our old js hacking method
   - we can not keep up with the ipywidget release cadence, move that to ipympl
   - Tom will work with Steven Silvester and Sylvain Corlay at JupyterCon to iterate on ipympl.
 * axesstack
   - drop tcaswell PR to fix merge of 7377
   - revert merge of 7377
   - deprecate the 'return an axes if one exsits' functionality
 * dpi ratio #9002
   - punt on proper fix involving transforms
 * window in front
   - GUIs are hard and all different
   - need to control focus and raising separately
   - each backend is a special
 * sundry triage and merging (mostly moving things to 2.2)
 * need to think about what policy to have for style sheets (and color maps)


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