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[Matplotlib-devel] Matplotlib 2.2.2 - unclear license conditions for _png.cpp

Arnold, Johann

Dear Matplotlib developers,

For one of our products we want to use Matplotlib 2.2.2. In order to distribute our product in a license compliant way we check the licenses of all OSS source code we are using. We do this on an file by file basis. For the file _png.cpp we have not been able to determine license situation.  In file header we found the following text:

 // this code is heavily adapted from the paint license, which is in
4. // the file paint.license (BSD compatible) included in this
5. // distribution.  TODO, add license file to MANIFEST.in and CVS
7. /* For linux, png.h must be imported before Python.h because
8.    png.h needs to be the one to define setjmp.
9.    Undefining _POSIX_C_SOURCE and _XOPEN_SOURCE stops a couple
10.    of harmless warnings. 

We could not find the file “paint.license”, i.e. we do not know the correct license for _png.cpp. Can you please help us in order to get the correct license for _png.cpp

Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards
  Johann Arnold

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