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[Matplotlib-devel] Internation Matplotlib sprint

Nelle Varoquaux
Hello everyone,

As Thomas mentioned in the meeting summary report, we are considering organizing a sprint. Because our team is so international, we need to find a convenient location for all/most of us, and estimate how much funding we need to organize such an event.

A possibility would be to organize it just after Scipy, in Austin, as some of us will be funded to attend. Please note that the bathroom bill is currently under discussion by the Texas Congress, and thus it is possible that publicly funded organisation won't be able to reimburse travel to Scipy 2016 this year.

In order to estimate the budget, please fill in this very short survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfUB86RsrYGkJoJEEPxmlS-VwYrAi8JtmukSNNs1eReZeMIKA/viewform

This is nothing definite: we're just trying to see what's possible :)


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