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[Matplotlib-devel] Help with constrained_layout

Jody Klymak

Hi all,

I know a lot of bandwidth has been taken up w/ the 2.1 release, but that seems to be settling down now. I’ve been working hard on the constraint-driven layout. This is an alternate to tight_layout, and based on kiwi-solver I think its mostly feature-complete at this point, and handles numerous situations not handled by tight_layout like suptitle, over-spilling legends, colorbars that belong to a group of axes (as opposed to just one axis), nested gridspecs, etc. (Conversely, it doesn’t work at all w/ plt.subplot or plt.subplot2grid because each call to these functions makes their own gridspec, and we do the layout within individual gridspecs).

I’m writing to appeal for some help testing this, or coming up with situations that I didn’t think about. There is one request for AnchoredOffsetBoxes, which I haven’t done yet, but I think that is a 0.2 feature once folks think the basic idea is OK. I’m also more than open to addressing any implementation concerns/suggestions.

Right now, automatic installation only works with python 3.6 because we require kiwi-solver gitub master version for python 2.7. But you should be able to install with pip install . into a virtualenv.


There is also a guide in tutorials/intermediate/constrainedlayout_guide.py. It probably still has some rough edges, but suggestions welcome.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Jody

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