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[Matplotlib-devel] Agenda for 2017-10-23 call


Trying to plan ahead today!  This is what I would like to talk about on the call (with the goal of getting 2.1.1 tagged this week).  Sorry for leaking a bit of my internal state with the formatting (it looks nice with org-mode in emacs).


* call agenda
** REV [[mpl:9262]] Minor doc markup fixes.
   - State "WAIT"       from "REV"        [2017-10-22 Sun 20:28]

** REV [[mpl:9257]] FIX: segfault on truncated png
*** REV [[mpl:9256]] reading truncated png can segfault python
** REV [[mpl:9534]] Fix webagg
*** REV [[mpl:9380]] Cannot import pyplot. NameError:  'FigureManagerWebAgg' is not defined
** REV [[mpl:9477]] In LogTransform, clip after log, not before.
*** REV [[mpl:9288]] Histograms disappear with logarithmic y-axis
*** REV [[mpl:9457]] ax.fill_between broken for log scale and values below zero
** REV [[mpl:9324]] Allow kwarg handles and labels figure.legend and make doc for kwargs the same
*** REV [[mpl:9320]] 2.1 figure.legend broken
** REV [[mpl:9304]] Fedora build patches
*** WAIT [[mpl:6538]] On armv7hl, some get_cursor_data calls return 0 instead of None.
    - State "WAIT"       from "REV"        [2017-10-22 Sun 17:39]

*** REV [[mpl:7158]] Arrays are not equal in 2.0.0b4 testsuite on Fedora rawhide/aarch64 (ARM v8 64bit)
** REV [[mpl:9359]] Keep track of axes in interactive navigation.
*** REV [[mpl:9358]] zoom/pan stack bug in 2.1.0
** REV [[mpl:9389]] Assign event to later Axes if zorders are tied.
*** REV [[mpl:9388]] Mouse events have incorrect inaxes/data properties when axes overlap (matplotlib 2.1.0)
** [0/5] categoricals

*** REV [[mpl:9336]] Integer Categorical Values Not Getting Mapped Correctly
*** REV [[mpl:9340]] bugfix/test for #9336 integer overwrite in categorical
*** REV [[mpl:9350]] Data types not preserved in categoricals
*** REV [[mpl:9318]] Don't sort categorical keys.
*** REV [[mpl:9494]] Categorical not hitting update path on fill_between
** REV [[mpl:8122]] keyword labelrotation is not recognized
** REV [[mpl:8947]] Different result, slower runtime of heatmap between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1

** REV [[mpl:9429]] Undefined name `baseline`?
** REV [[mpl:9436]] Instance of 'TextBox' has no 'observers' member?
** REV [[mpl:9521]] fix xkcd context
** REV [[mpl:8069]] backend_driver.py overhaul
*** REV [[mpl:9284]] Restore something like backend_driver

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