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[Matplotlib-devel] [ANN] Matplotlib v2.2.0rc1 tagged

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We have tagged RC1 for 2.2!  We have many bug-fixes, performance improvements and new features in this release!

2.2 will be a 'long-term support' release and we will do bug-fix release on it until 2020.

Aiming for a final release in 2 weeks (Mar 2).   We'll sort out over the next week if we want to do an RC2 or not.  I have created a v2.2.x branch for managing the 2.2.0 release work and the 2.2.x series going forward.

With this tag, the master branch is python 3 only.  There will be a follow up email to discuss if we are py3.5+ or py3.6+, for now lets stay with 3.5+.

As part of this I have cleaned out the upstream branches and merged them all up:

 - master: mpl3.0 work and new features, python3 only
 - v2.2.x : v2.2.x series work.  Only bug-fixes and documentation updates, python 2.7, 3.4+
 - v2.1.2-doc : documentation changes only to rebuild the current stable docs.  When 2.2.0 is out this will be replaced by v2.2.0-doc

Thanks to everyone who worked on this release!


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