[Matplotlib-devel] 2017-01-16 dev phone call

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[Matplotlib-devel] 2017-01-16 dev phone call


Today we had tacaswell, efiring, nellev, dopplershift, story645, and phobson (went with github handles) on the call.

We discussed the outstanding issues for 2.0

 - punted the hatch changes  (#7750) issue to 2.2
 - merged the color names with the prefix 'tab' for the tableau color palette
 - merged the supression of numpy warnings, this should result in a report upstream to numpy
 - tweaked the imshow-now-is-scale-aware docs,  

With that, everything we had tagged for 2.0 is done, so I will create the tag tonight.  If you have any last-minute issues you only have a few hours to raise them!

The very short term release schedule is a 2.0.1 if needed (1wk-1mo time scale) with any critical bugs or regressions and 2.1 in March-April.


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