ANN: mplcairo 0.4 release

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ANN: mplcairo 0.4 release

Antony Lee-4
Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the release of mplcairo 0.4.

mplcairo is a Matplotlib backend based on the well-known cairo library, supporting output to both raster (including interactively) and vector formats.  In other words, it provides the functionality of Matplotlib's {,qt5,gtk3,wx,tk,macos}{agg,cairo}, pdf, ps, and svg backends.

Per Matplotlib's standard API, the backend can be selected by calling


or setting your MPLBACKEND environment variable to `module://mplcairo.qt` for Qt5, and similarly for other toolkits.

mplcairo 0.4 adds support for Matplotlib 3.4, support for retrieving underlying cairo contexts, as well as the usual bugfixes over 0.3.


Antony Lee

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