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ANN: matplotlib-0.98.4

John Hunter-4
We have just released a new version of matplotlib, available for download at

These "what's new" release notes, with graphs and links, are available in html at

Thanks to Charlie Moad for testing and preparing the source release,
including binaries for OS X and Windows for python 2.4 and 2.5 (2.6
and 3.0 will not be available until numpy is available on those
releases).  Thanks to the many developers who contributed to this
release, with contributions from Jae-Joon Lee, Michael Droettboom,
Ryan May, Eric Firing, Manuel Metz, Jouni K. Seppaenen, Jeff Whitaker,
Darren Dale, David Kaplan, Michiel de Hoon and many others who
submitted patches

What new in 0.98.4

It's been four months since the last matplotlib release, and there are
a lot of new features and bug-fixes

Legend enhancements

Jae-Joon has rewritten the legend class, and added support for
multiple columns and rows, as well as fancy box drawing.  See

Fancy annotations and arrows

Jae-Joon has added lot's of support to annotations for drawing fancy
boxes and connectors in annotations.  See

Native OS X backend

Michiel de Hoon has provided a native Mac OSX backend that is almost
completely implemented in C. The backend can therefore use Quartz
directly and, depending on the application, can be orders of magnitude
faster than the existing backends. In addition, no third-party
libraries are needed other than Python and NumPy. The backend is
interactive from the usual terminal application on Mac using regular
Python. It hasn't been tested with ipython yet, but in principle it
should to work there as well.  Set 'backend : macosx' in your
matplotlibrc file, or run your script with::

    > python -dmacosx

psd amplitude scaling

Ryan May did a lot of work to rationalize the amplitude scaling of
:func:`~matplotlib.pyplot.psd` and friends.  The changes should
increase MATLAB (TM) compatabililty and increase scaling options.

Fill between

Added a fill_between function to make it easier to do shaded region
plots in the presence of masked data.  You can pass an *x* array and a
*ylower* and *yupper* array to fill betweem, and an optional *where*
argument which is a logical mask where you want to do the filling. See

Lots more

Here are the 0.98.4 notes from the CHANGELOG::

    Added mdehoon's native macosx backend from sf patch 2179017 - JDH

    Removed the prints in the set_*style commands.  Return the list of
    pprinted strings instead - JDH

    Some of the changes Michael made to improve the output of the
    property tables in the rest docs broke of made difficult to use
    some of the interactive doc helpers, eg setp and getp.  Having all
    the rest markup in the ipython shell also confused the docstrings.
    I added a new rc param docstring.harcopy, to format the docstrings
    differently for hardcopy and other use.  Ther ArtistInspector
    could use a little refactoring now since there is duplication of
    effort between the rest out put and the non-rest output - JDH

    Updated spectral methods (psd, csd, etc.) to scale one-sided
    densities by a factor of 2 and, optionally, scale all densities by
    the sampling frequency.  This gives better MatLab
    compatibility. -RM

    Fixed alignment of ticks in colorbars. -MGD

    drop the deprecated "new" keyword of np.histogram() for numpy 1.2
    or later.  -JJL

    Fixed a bug in svg backend that new_figure_manager() ignores
    keywords arguments such as figsize, etc. -JJL

    Fixed a bug that the handlelength of the new legend class set too
    short when numpoints=1 -JJL

    Added support for data with units (e.g. dates) to
    Axes.fill_between. -RM

    Added fancybox keyword to legend. Also applied some changes for
    better look, including baseline adjustment of the multiline texts
    so that it is center aligned. -JJL

    The transmuter classes in the are reorganized as
    subclasses of the Style classes. A few more box and arrow styles
    are added. -JJL

    Fixed a bug in the new legend class that didn't allowed a tuple of
    coordinate vlaues as loc. -JJL

    Improve checks for external dependencies, using subprocess
    (instead of deprecated popen*) and distutils (for version
    checking) - DSD

    Reimplementaion of the legend which supports baseline alignement,
    multi-column, and expand mode. - JJL

    Fixed histogram autoscaling bug when bins or range are given
    explicitly (fixes Debian bug 503148) - MM

    Added rcParam axes.unicode_minus which allows plain hypen for
    minus when False - JDH

    Added scatterpoints support in Legend. patch by Erik Tollerud -

    Fix crash in log ticking. - MGD

    Added static helper method BrokenHBarCollection.span_where and
    Axes/pyplot method fill_between.  See
    examples/pylab/ - JDH

    Add x_isdata and y_isdata attributes to Artist instances, and use
    them to determine whether either or both coordinates are used when
    updating dataLim.  This is used to fix autoscaling problems that
    had been triggered by axhline, axhspan, axvline, axvspan. - EF

    Update the psd(), csd(), cohere(), and specgram() methods of Axes
    and the csd() cohere(), and specgram() functions in mlab to be in
    sync with the changes to psd().  In fact, under the hood, these
    all call the same core to do computations. - RM

    Add 'pad_to' and 'sides' parameters to mlab.psd() to allow
    controlling of zero padding and returning of negative frequency
    components, respecitively.  These are added in a way that does not
    change the API. - RM

    Fix handling of c kwarg by scatter; generalize is_string_like to
    accept numpy and string array scalars. - RM and EF

    Fix a possible EINTR problem in dviread, which might help when
    saving pdf files from the qt backend. - JKS

    Fix bug with zoom to rectangle and twin axes - MGD

    Added Jae Joon's fancy arrow, box and annotation enhancements --
    see examples/pylab_examples/

    Autoscaling is now supported with shared axes - EF

    Fixed exception in dviread that happened with Minion - JKS

    set_xlim, ylim now return a copy of the viewlim array to avoid
    modify inplace surprises

    Added image thumbnail generating function
    matplotlib.image.thumbnail.  See examples/misc/
    - JDH

    Applied scatleg patch based on ideas and work by Erik Tollerud and
    Jae-Joon Lee. - MM

    Fixed bug in pdf backend: if you pass a file object for output
    instead of a filename, e.g. in a wep app, we now flush the object
    at the end. - JKS

    Add path simplification support to paths with gaps. - EF

    Fix problem with AFM files that don't specify the font's full name
    or family name. - JKS

    Added 'scilimits' kwarg to Axes.ticklabel_format() method, for
    easy access to the set_powerlimits method of the major
    ScalarFormatter. - EF

    Experimental new kwarg borderpad to replace pad in legend, based
    on suggestion by Jae-Joon Lee.  - EF

    Allow spy to ignore zero values in sparse arrays, based on patch
    by Tony Yu.  Also fixed plot to handle empty data arrays, and
    fixed handling of markers in figlegend. - EF

    Introduce drawstyles for lines. Transparently split linestyles
    like 'steps--' into drawstyle 'steps' and linestyle '--'.  Legends
    always use drawstyle 'default'. - MM

    Fixed quiver and quiverkey bugs (failure to scale properly when
    resizing) and added additional methods for determining the arrow
    angles - EF

    Fix polar interpolation to handle negative values of theta - MGD

    Reorganized cbook and mlab methods related to numerical
    calculations that have little to do with the goals of those two
    modules into a separate module Also, added
    ability to select points and stop point selection with keyboard in
    ginput and manual contour labeling code.  Finally, fixed contour
    labeling bug. - DMK

    Fix backtick in Postscript output. - MGD

    [ 2089958 ] Path simplification for vector output backends
    Leverage the simplification code exposed through path_to_polygons
    to simplify certain well-behaved paths in the vector backends
    (PDF, PS and SVG).  "path.simplify" must be set to True in
    matplotlibrc for this to work.  - MGD

    Add "filled" kwarg to Path.intersects_path and
    Path.intersects_bbox. - MGD

    Changed full arrows slightly to avoid an xpdf rendering problem
    reported by Friedrich Hagedorn. - JKS

    Fix conversion of quadratic to cubic Bezier curves in PDF and PS
    backends. Patch by Jae-Joon Lee. - JKS

    Added 5-point star marker to plot command q- EF

    Fix hatching in PS backend - MGD

    Fix log with base 2 - MGD

    Added support for bilinear interpolation in
    NonUniformImage; patch by Gregory Lielens. - EF

    Added support for multiple histograms with data of
    different length - MM

    Fix step plots with log scale - MGD

    Fix masked arrays with markers in non-Agg backends - MGD

    Fix clip_on kwarg so it actually works correctly - MGD

    Fix locale problems in SVG backend - MGD

    fix quiver so masked values are not plotted - JSW

    improve interactive pan/zoom in qt4 backend on windows - DSD

    Fix more bugs in NaN/inf handling.  In particular, path
    simplification (which does not handle NaNs or infs) will be turned
    off automatically when infs or NaNs are present.  Also masked
    arrays are now converted to arrays with NaNs for consistent
    handling of masks and NaNs - MGD and EF

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