[ANN] Matplotlib 3.2.1 release

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[ANN] Matplotlib 3.2.1 release

Elliott Sales de Andrade
Hi all,

I'm a bit late on this, but Matplotlib 3.2.1 was released a couple days ago.

This is the first bugfix release of the 3.2.x series.

This release contains several critical bug-fixes:

* fix Quiver.set_UVC calls with scalar inputs
* fix bezier.get_parallels failure from floating point rounding errors
* fix markers specified as tuples (polygons, stars, or asterisks)
* fix saving PNGs to file objects in some places
* fix saving figures using the nbAgg/notebook backend
* fix saving with tight layout using the PGF backend
* fix setting custom datapath in rcParams (note: it is still deprecated)
* fix various issues running setup.py in non-CI environments
* fix xpdf distiller
* various minor bug and documentation fixes

PS, since there was no release announcement for 3.2.0, here are its
release notes:

* default image interpolation is now `'antialiased'` to better handle
down-sampling and reduce artifacts when up-sampling by small ratios.
* change when ticks switch to using an offset to improve readability
* improvements to auto-scaling and auto-limits
* `DivergingNorm` has been renamed to `TwoSlopeNorm`
* support for 3 and 4 digit hex colors (`#123` maps to `#112233`)
* improvements to Logit scale ticker and formatter
* control of where errorbars start getting placed with `errorevery`
* correct kerning when laying out text
* improvements to MovieRegistry

For the full details please see the whats new [1] and API changes [2] in
the documentation

[1] https://matplotlib.org/3.2.0/users/whats_new.html
[2] https://matplotlib.org/3.2.0/api/api_changes.html

PPS, for packagers, only:
Since I tagged this release, and not Thomas, it is signed by my GPG key.
The fingerprint is:
23CA B59E 3332 F94D 26BE F037 8D86 E7FA E5EB 0C10
and it is also used to sign this message.


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